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What makes AVERT different from other active shooter training programs?

Once taught only to industry professionals, the content in AVERT has been specifically adapted for the general public by medical and law enforcement experts. Unlike other training programs that focus solely on Run, Hide, Fight techniques, AVERT uses a dynamic method to teach proactive awareness, how to react and protect yourself and others in a violent situation, and how to respond to stop the bleed of severe injuries that are often a result of these occurrences.

How long does the AVERT certification training course take?

The AVERT course is delivered in a “blended” training format. This means students will first receive online training introducing them to the subject and preparing them for the instructor-led session.

In-person sessions last approximately three hours and include hands-on training, realistic drills and education with encouraging tips and feedback. Class sizes are limited to 15 people or less so that all participants will leave the AVERT program with the confidence to respond with appropriate action if an active violence or life-threatening situation arises.

How long is an AVERT certification good for and how often should we train our staff?

AVERT certification is valid for two years. We recommend training staff annually or every two years and maintaining a workplace violence program as required by OSHA [section 32.0.2(1)]. Clear policies and procedures should be reviewed and updated annually.

Does my company have to send an employee to become an AVERT Instructor in order to train our staff?

Selecting an individual(s) to become an authorized AVERT Instructor by attending an AVERT Instructor Development Course (IDC) is one option to train internal staff as needed. Another option is to talk to our training development team who will provide training options and arrange for one of our Authorized AVERT Instructors to conduct the training for your organization.

Do you offer private sessions for AVERT Instructor Development Courses?

Yes, we do. If you are interested in training a group, please contact us so we can learn more about your specific needs and how we can support you.

Do you offer the AVERT program internationally?

At this time, we are only conducting our AVERT program in the U.S. We have received interest from many people outside of the U.S., and we will send a notification if we expand the program internationally in 2021.


Become an AVERT Instructor

How can I become an Authorized Instructor for the AVERT program?

Due to the subject matter and dynamic nature of how AVERT is taught, all instructor candidates must attend an AVERT Instructor Development Course (IDC).

How long is the AVERT Instructor Development Course (IDC)?

The AVERT IDC uses blended learning, meaning the initial training is completed online as a preparation for the one-day in-person course with an AVERT Instructor Trainer. The online portion takes approximately two hours to complete, and the in-person training is about six hours.

I’m a current Authorized CPR Training Center or Instructor for one of HSI’s brands. Can I add AVERT to my offering as well?

Yes, you can become an Authorized AVERT Instructor and offer this training for your organization and/ or customers. However, the AVERT course is different than our other training programs, and we require all instructor candidates to attend our AVERT IDC to become an Authorized AVERT Instructor.

How much does it cost to become an Authorized AVERT Instructor?

The AVERT IDC is $695 and includes the blended, online streaming and in-person hands-on IDC course, digital AVERT Instructor Guide, admission to our AVERT Instructor portal giving you direct access to our experts who will answer your questions about the program as well as your AVERT Instructor peers. The price of the IDC also includes an AVERT Instructor Training Kit in a soft carry case (a $395 value):

  • 15 training tourniquets
  • 15 wound simulators with gauze
  • 10 distraction objects
  • 1 orange rifle replica
  • 1 orange handgun replica
  • 1 TAC+PAC Bleeding Control Kit

You may be eligible for an additional discount if you are a current HSI CPR and First Aid Training Center or Instructor, or if you are a first responder, law enforcement professional or military personnel. Please ask our scheduling team for your one-time special discount pricing of up to $100 off the IDC course.

How long is my Authorized Instructor status valid?

Authorized AVERT Instructors are eligible to teach for one year and then required to pay an annual fee of $100 per year to maintain their authorized instructor status. Because the nature of this topic is very dynamic, content will be updated on a regular basis.

Do I need to have law enforcement or medical background to teach AVERT?

No. AVERT was developed by experts who bring extensive experience in these fields and have adapted their knowledge for the general public. During the AVERT IDC, you will learn how to conduct an AVERT training session and be part of the AVERT Instructor community that will include access to our experts who will support you as needed.

Do I need to have any previous experience or training with handling weapons to teach AVERT?

No, as an Authorized AVERT Instructor, you will receive orange training replicas of a rifle and a handgun as part of your instructor training kit. You will be trained by one of our AVERT Instructor Trainers on how to use these training components to conduct the weapon disarming portion of the class. All specific information regarding weapons will be covered in the video portion and no experience with any type of weapons or self-defense is needed to teach this course.

How much is the annual Instructor authorization annual fee?

The first year of AVERT authorization is included with your IDC. Each year after that is $100.

Does AVERT provide any referrals for authorized AVERT Instructors or is it all based on the Instructor's self-promotion and advertising?

AVERT provides authorized AVERT Instructors with the tools necessary to conduct training as well as an exclusive forum to ask questions and discuss ideas with your peers and our AVERT experts. If you qualify as an authorized AVERT Instructor for the National Training Solution Network, HSI will provide you with training opportunities in your area as they arise.

What is the AVERT National Training Solution (NTS) Network?

NTS is a nationwide referral system for AVERT classes that brings training opportunities to local Training Centers/Instructors. If you are interested in learning more about this program please contact us.

I've been teaching Active Attacker courses for a few years, and I have all of the props and training equipment included in the AVERT training kit. Can I get the IDC without the training kit for a reduced price?

We appreciate that you may already have similar items for active shooter training but require all Authorized AVERT instructor to use the AVERT Instructor Training Kit provided with your IDC. This ensures consistency for the AVERT program to be delivered and provides components that were designed with features that focus on safety for the instructors and students throughout the course.

Is the AVERT Authorized Instructor Training Kit sold separately?

We do not sell the AVERT Training Kit separately from the IDC. We understand that through training classes, some components of the kit may show normal wear and tear and will expand accessory replacement option in 2022.

Do you offer AVERT IDC’s internationally?

At this time, we are only conducting our AVERT IDCs in the U.S. We have received interest from many people outside of the U.S., and we will send a notification if we expand the program internationally in 2022.


General Questions

What does AVERT stand for?

AVERT stands Active Violence Emergency Response Training. AVERT goes beyond active shooter training by including emergency bleeding control basics to ensure all participants know how to respond appropriately and help individuals who may be injured before medical responders arrive on scene..

Is AVERT training designed for a specific type of industry?

AVERT training supports anyone who could be involved in an active violence situation, and it’s appropriate for all industries and types of venues such as: Government, Healthcare, Places of Worship, Schools, Sporting Venues, Manufacturing, Office Settings and Retail Environments.

Who should be trained in AVERT?

All employees should participate in the training to ensure they know how to prevent and respond if met with an active violence situation.

What is the standard AVERT class size?

The AVERT certification course is an active program that integrates a lot of hands-on skills and techniques, making it necessary to require a maximum class size of 15 students per Authorized AVERT Instructor..

What medical components are taught in AVERT?

AVERT goes beyond single training topics and teaches topics from both active shooter and emergency bleeding control training. By combining these two integrated topics in one dynamic hands-on course, AVERT covers everything you need to handle a life-threatening situation.

Does AVERT use weapons in the training?

Authorized AVERT instructors use orange replica weapons to discuss the types of weapons most commonly used in violent situations. They are also used to demonstrate how to disarm an attacker if other alternatives, such as evading and escaping, are not possible.

Does AVERT support the use of tourniquets and provide training on how to use them?

Yes, AVERT uses training tourniquets to prepare students to respond to potential injuries that may occur in an active violence or emergency bleeding event.

AVERT promotes TAC+PAC Bleeding Control kits, which include a tourniquet. AVERT TAC+PACs are free from allergens and have unlimited shelf life to ensure you and your company are prepared and always ready to respond if needed.

Is Active shooter/workplace violence training required by OSHA?

OSHA does not have a specific standard for workplace violence. However, under the Occupational Safety and Health Act of 1970 (the OSH Act, or the Act), the extent of an employer's obligation to address workplace violence is governed by the General Duty Clause, which is often interpreted to include protection from workplace violence.

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